Our Story

"Who Doesn't Like Cheesecake?"

It all started with a wise grandmother and a love for cheesecake!

When I was about 14, my grandmother mentioned that she trained all of her children how to cook, just incase their spouse didn’t know how. Even though it was a simple statement in just a general conversation, it really stuck with me. I thought to myself, “You’re going to have to eat at some point, so you might as well learn to cook and learn how to cook good.”​

Once I became 16 and was able to start working my heart was dead set on working in as many restaurants as I could so I could learn how to cook, and learn how to cook good. I was fortunate enough to meet a very sweet lady in one restaurant who took me under her wing. One morning she asked if I would be interested in letting her show me how to make homemade cheesecakes in order to add a new item to the dessert menu at the restaurant. I was so excited! My response to her was, “Yes! Who doesn’t love cheesecakes!” The excitement came from the understanding that once I learn how to make them, I can make them for myself and eat it as much as I want to. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be making them only for myself.

As the years went on, I would make them for family and friends. People would always tell us that we needed to open a bakery because we had great thing going for us. Finally one day my wife and I decided to make a Facebook page and call it LA Cheesecake Bakery. Here we are now proudly serving Lafayette and the surrounding areas from our home as “Lafayette’s Only Cheesecake Bakery.”

We’re honored and humbled to serve you all and as always, thank you so much for thinking of us!

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